Drawings by one of our wonderful audience members:





This week I explained our temporarily missing banner.

Super set last night from Cosmo the cellist.

Our first night was awesome, and some super talented people came through. Here’s a clip of Tom & Gabe talking about a medical procedure.

Terence was still wearing his creepy halloween costume.

Regina and her friends were really good sports.

Some great things that happened at our last mic at Deep Thoughts. Tyrone & Shuggy showed off their halloween costumes.


Katie Baker drew a great flyer featuring our mascot mustard.


And here’s some advice I gave the room. Also, Gabe did a great impression of Donald Trump using just his mouth.

I’m just busting excited to announce that this mic will now be sponsored by Harpoon Brewery. More details to come, of course, but we sure are happy to have them along.

Here’s a video from our 1st night at Deep Thoughts. The house was packed.